"Music is the language of emotion."

-Herbert Spencer 

My Story

Sony Music

Digital strategy + executive comms.

After months of job searching, I am proud to take the next step in my music industry evolution. This position feels like the combination of so many things that I've done in my professional life up to this point. Between my business school training, my time working at a large company in Apple, and two years as a music industry entrepreneur learning everything there possibly is to know about the business, I think they found the right fit for this position. I hope to start to have a big impact on the industry at large.

Dancing Astronaut

Electronic music and culture.

It was a big honor to be asked to lead one of the most reputable brands in the electronic publishing world. I go way back with the company, all the way to its founding in one of my best friend's dorm rooms in college. I followed the company's growth with an intent eye, especially as the genre of dance music took over the US from 2011-2014. I viewed my purpose during my time as CEO as bringing the company into Web 3.0 - and making it resemble what a 2018 media company.

AZ Management

Music management + consulting.

For awhile, I looked for a job in the music industry that was perfect. Artist-facing, business-building, strategic-thinking. When that didn't pan out, I decided to make it happen myself. Together with a close friend from college, we founded AZ Management in order to support emerging musicians and companies in this new music environment. Where will this lead? I don't know, but it feels great to be in charge of my own destiny.


My only musical talent is a good ear.

I listen to more music than I can keep track of, but that doesn't mean that I don't try. Here is a playlist of songs that I've collected over the past several months. These are mostly dance and electronic tracks, specifically ones from artists that (at the time of discovery) weren't very well known, but who I think have a ton of potential.

HBS Sound Society

Making music with business.

Music is a big part of the reason I came to Harvard Business School. When I arrived, though, I noticed that there wasn't a very strong music presence on campus. So, some friends and I decided to make that a reality, and in the process started a new club on campus. It gives students a chance to get together to play, listen to, and explore music and the impact it has on all of our lives.


Get real money for your stuff.

While debating what to do with my textbooks, I realized that there were a lot of people in close proximity to me that also wanted to get money for their stuff. One way to do this is to sell it online, but it requires a decent amount of effort for someone to create an eBay or Craigslist account, list the item, deal with the buyer, and ultimately ship the product. Kohsign is a service-oriented company that will take all of the hassle of selling items online, taking a flat 15% commission. Time-strapped students can sell their stuff through Kohsign on consignment.


Not classy.

"Create a micro-business." With that prompt, a team of classmates and I embarked on our version of Cards Against Humanity. ClassCahds is an irreverent mad-lib style card game targeted at students and alumni of university programs. The content of the cards is specific to the university, and thus contains a fair number of inside jokes and references that fans of specific universities will really enjoy. The product is currently under development, and at this point I have been heavily involved in the design of the product and website.

Mr. Marina 2014

Chest press for charity.

Early last year, I signed up to take part in a competition that has had an amazing impact on my life. I learned a lot about myself, in addition to what it takes to successfully raise money. It challenged me to step out of my comfort zone, and I walked away with memories and relationships that I'll never forget. Not to mention, I was a part of a crew that donated over $150,000 to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Apple iTunes

Inspired by Steve.

I was the first person I knew to get an iPod. I remember seeing an advertisement for it in a magazine. 1,000 songs, in your pocket. Fast forward a few years to when the Windows version was released, and I now had 10,000 songs in my pocket. With it came the unlocking of a centralized, digital music library. I was transfixed. From that point, I was convinced that one day I wanted to work for Steve Jobs and Apple. One summer sales job and an internship later, I got that chance to work for the company that changed my life, from 2010-2014. 


Just press play.

Before the rapid rise of music streaming, I created a website that I thought could help a lot of college students in their search for the perfect playlist. In addition to a reason to teach myself how to build a website, it was a fun way to work on a side project and share my music playlists with others. I learned a lot about SEO, marketing, design, advertising, and promotion and it set myself up for my future development.

The Brocial Network

Foray into the unknown.

My next website project that I had some fun with was a play on the hype surrounding the movie The Social Network. I bought the domain and had some fun building a hub for bro-related content at a time when TFM was only just getting started. While I eventually shut it down, I've seen some very impressive Brocial Network movie trailers, and the domain is currently for sale by a company for around $1500.

Stanford Tennis

A childhood dream.

By far the proudest accomplishment in my life is being a member of the Stanford tennis team. A dream since I was 12 years old, getting the opportunity to play for the Cardinal is something I will never forget. Tennis was always been a huge part of my life, and Stanford tennis was my top priority while I was in school. Highlights including hosting NCAAs, being team captain for two years, and being a part of a team ranked #1 in the country. While I graduated without a championship ring, nothing will replace the experience and friendships I gained.


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